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every day activists worldwide create all kinds of media to agitate popular opinion: flyers, banners, public actions, calls and descriptive analysis and much more.

human struggles for a better living typically face the same kinds of opponents and problems everywhere. but not only these topics, also the creative reactions activists choose are similar around the globe. and, as a matter of fact, technics and materials activists use and create are similar everywhere, too. that is, what makes them suitable to be shared and adepted for similar struggles worldwide or in a single place somewhere locally.

this is in brief the basic idea of

to create catchy materials which gets across their message to the public, all activists have a constant need for

–> suitable slogans

–> a brief desription going down to the point

–> impressive artwork for flyers, banners and all forms of media, or at least

–> new or good and touchy ideas!

luckily: an idea does not need to grow – it needs to be spread and shared! … so let‘s go!

ideas, concepts, analysis and media are produced daily by several thousands of activists everywhere on the planet.

but, isn‘t it sad to realize, that the vast majority of this media is often used only for a single instance??! most of them are rarely or badly documented – and at least they find their way into the trashbin of history.


imagine this constant production of agitative media would be accessible on the web! open and free to use and change! assorted by topics and easy to find!

every single thing could become a starting point for another creative impulse somewhere else.

every thing could be adapted to a similar topic.

activists would save amounts of time and creativity for what really matters to them – to fight and to organize!

–> will archive this enormous output in creativity!

–> we want YOUR AGITPOP-MEDIA to be shared easily with people who care!

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